What are the Signs that my Hardwood Floors Needs to be Refinished?

Brookline Homeowner Seeks Advice

Shiny-Hardwood-FlooringScratches, faded areas in the wood, and boards showing discoloration are some prime indicators that the floor is need of sanding and refinishing. Water damage on hardwood can leave dark discolorations which can also be corrected through refinishing.

A homeowner in Brookline was concerned about her discolored hardwood floors and was looking for options to correct the problem without replacing the entire floor.

Many Reasons for Discolorations and Damage to Hardwood Floors

In this case the homeowner had recently removed a large area rug from her living room. With the rug gone, it immediately became clear that the hardwood floors had experienced some fading over the years. The color where the rug had been removed and the rest of the hardwood floors were no longer matching.
There are many scenarios where it may be necessary to sand and refinish a hardwood floor, from scratches and gouges in the wood to discolorations like this homeowner was seeing. Over time, hardwood floors will begin to show their age, particularly in high-traffic and moisture prone areas.

Sanding and Refinishing Keeps Floors Looking Great

Refinishing a wood floor is very common and can keep the floor looking great, and uniform, for many years to come. The thin top layer of the floor is sanded away, eliminating any marks over the years and discoloration. A clear polyurethane finish is then applied to the floor. This process, while it may sound simple, it best left to a flooring professional because when done improperly this can actually weaken the floor.

The homeowner in Brookline was excited to hear that there was a solution for her floor’s discoloration and can once again be proud of her home’s stunning hardwood floor.

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