Our flooring prices will surprise you!

Flooring prices that surprise you

It is commonly thought that a local flooring store is more expensive than large volume warehouse stores.


This simply is
not true.

It’s no surprise that flooring prices in New Hampshire are fiercely competitive. This is good if you are a consumer looking to buy carpet, vinyl or hardwood flooring. Competition keeps the prices down, which makes installing a new floor (or replacing an existing floor) an affordable upgrade for any home or business. Competition also spurs on flooring manufacturers to research and develop better, longer-lasting and environmentally-friendly products.

But, as in any fiercely competitive industry, competition has a dark side.

What’s in a name?  It is easy to sell flooring products at a cheaper price point. As a consumer, understanding the quality of what you are buying determines the value you will receive. For example: Many carpeting manufacturers create the same product under a different name. This is where it is helpful to visit our showroom to see what makes a quality carpet, not just comparing brands. When it comes to buying hardwood flooring, realize that there is a quality grade associated with all natural wood floor products, even from the most reputable manufacturers. Engineered hardwood is made either under “high pressure” or “direct pressure.” Direct pressure engineering will not hold up as well.

Square foot pricing.  Flooring products used to be sold by the square yard, and a floor installation was typically priced out on a time-and-materials basis. This was easier to compare apples-to-apples quote. The trick to getting an accurate estimate ahead of time on a floor installation is to make sure to ask what is included in that square foot price. For example, a carpet installation involves not only carpet but tack strips, carpet cushion or “pad.” Is carpeting the stairs included, or is it extra? What about moving furniture? If you are replacing an existing floor, is removal of that floor and preparation of the subfloor included?

Nobody works for free. Beware of deals that sound too good to be true. If you know the right questions to ask, you’ll find the reason. Usually one aspect of the installation is not included or the product price is inflated to compensate for the labor. At Cardoza Flooring, we not only sell flooring products, but we also install flooring every day. If you call us, or come down to our Milford New Hampshire showroom, we can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about it!

We believe that we have the best pricing for purchasing installed floor products. Our installers are our own employees – not subcontractors whose labor is marked up. Why should you pay a middleman to install your floor? Our square foot installation price includes everything needed to complete the job. This means a better quality job – because our name is on it – and there are no unexpected invoices when we’re done.

Local Store, Dealer Pricing.  At Cardoza flooring we are preferred dealers for several major brands. For this reason, as well as keeping our overhead costs down, we can remain competitive and pass those savings on to our customers. Our customers end up purchasing a better product for the same price as an inferior one that they could purchase at a flooring warehouse or home improvement store.