How to Get Stains Out of Carpet

Merrimack NH Homeowner Looks for Answers

stained-carpet-merrimack-nhThe key to removing carpet stains is to address the spill as soon as it happens, gently blotting the area with a warm, damp cloth or paper towel. Then place a damp cloth on top of the stain, allowing it to soak up part of the spill. This can be followed up with a carpet stain treatment.

A homeowner in Merrimack recently contacted us looking for the best ways to keep unsightly stains from penetrating her carpet.


In the Case of a Spill on the Carpet, Time is of the Essence

Carpet can add luxury and comfort to a room, particularly to bare feet, but it can also end up looking dirty and stained if not properly cared for. The key with any carpet spill is to clean it up as quickly as possible before it has time to dry and leave and stain the carpet fibers. For wet spills, blotting the area can remove a lot of the damage. Be sure not to rub as this can cause the spill to penetrate the carpet fibers, leaving behind a stain.

Carpet Cleaning Solutions

There is a wide variety of carpet cleaning spot treatments on the market. It is a good idea to keep one of these on hand so that the carpet can be cleaned immediately, as opposed to letting the stain set in. You can also make your own solution. Combining non-bleach detergent or white vinegar with water can make be a very effective way to remove fresh stains from the carpet.
It is a good idea to have your carpets cleaned professionally once or twice a year to remove any stains from the carpet, as well as dust and dander that has built up in the fibers. This extra step can keep your carpet looking good for years, even extending its life.
The homeowner in Merrimack decided to go with a professional cleaning for her carpets and is now keeping supplies on hand to address any spills immediately to prevent future stains.

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