Indoor Outdoor Carpet

Options for Indoor and Outdoor Carpeting

The weather in New England can be an ever-changing mix, making it even more important for homeowners to take advantage of those beautiful days. Whether a warm summer afternoon or crisp, cool fall day just enjoying some fresh air can be enough to recharge anyone. Many homeowners are turning to their own porches and decks to enjoy the beautiful weather days.

The tricky part for many homeowners is what to turn to for flooring for their home’s three season porch or deck. Standard carpeting could be a recipe for disaster, with shoes tracking all kinds of dirt onto the floor and hardwood flooring may not be an option due to the high moisture. Outdoor area rugs may be a nice touch, but can also be slippery for children running through.

Homeowners have a new option to choose from – indoor outdoor carpeting. When you think about this option you may picture the grass carpeting of long ago. However, indoor outdoor carpet has come a long way since then, with a variety of options available to choose from. 

Indoor outdoor carpeting is an ideal cover for concrete, wood floor or decking, with the carpeting glued directly to the floor. The longevity of this type of carpeting has also improved dramatically over the years, because they are now made with a higher carpet density. Today’s indoor outdoor carpet is also typically manufactured with built-in UV stabilizers, which limits fading from the sun. 

Indoor outdoor carpeting is also a great option for areas where slipping is a concern such as poolside or on stairs. With the variety of color options available, this type of carpeting offers plenty of aesthetic value to your home.

If you haven’t looked at indoor outdoor carpeting in many years, you may be surprised at how far these products have come, deserving another look and consideration for your home.