How to Fix a Warped Hardwood Floor, Bedford Homeowner Asks

Armstrong-HardwoodIf the area of warped flooring is small, you can try wetting it and placing a heavy object such as a cinder block on top of the floor for a few days. For large and medium areas, you may have to replace the warped plank.

After an unfortunate dishwasher mishap, a homeowner in Bedford contacted us in a panic. Several planks of her hardwood floor had warped as a result of the leak.

Hardwood Warping from Humidity or Small Spills May be Reversible

If the warped floor is a small area, resulting from excess humidity in the home or a small spill, you may be able to reverse the damage. Wetting the warped area and placing a heavy object on top can sometimes reverse the damage. This doesn’t work in all cases, and is not typically a viable option for a large area of damage.

Larger Warps, May Require Replacement

For a larger warped area, you will need to replace the boards. The key is to replace the damaged boards with the exact same size and length. Once the new boards have been secured, you will need to stain or paint them to match the existing hardwood floor.

If the warped floor is extensive, running the length or nearly the length of the room, it may be time to consider taking up the entire floor and replacing it. This is common if the floor is old or has experienced major water damage such as a whole-house flood. A skilled contractor, like Cardoza Flooring, can remove the existing, damaged hardwood and replace it with a stunning new floor.

The homeowner in Bedford had damage to the floor that was beyond a do it yourself solution. However, the Cardoza Flooring team was able to replace only the damaged boards, finding a replacement that blends in seamlessly with the rest of the floor. The warp is gone and the homeowner couldn’t be happier.