Why Should Your Hardwood Flooring Acclimate Before Installation? Nashua, NH Homeowner Asks

Hardwood Flooring ArmstrongIf when installed, hardwood flooring is too dry for the normal environment of the home it will expand over time. This can cause cupping or buckling. By acclimating the wood prior to installation, it can adjust to its environment expanding or contracting. This will reduce the likelihood of problems after later on.

After ordering her hardwood flooring, a homeowner in Nashua asked why the flooring would have to sit in her home for a few days prior to installation.

When Installing Hardwood, Humidity Levels Matter

To do best, hardwood flooring should be in a controlled environment with a humidity range between 30 and 50% and a temperature between 60 and 80 degrees. While this is the ideal situation, it may not be the environment in every home. Prior to beginning installation, the hardwood flooring needs to acclimate to its surroundings.

To fully acclimate the wood, it is recommended that the it be kept in the environment where it will be installed for a minimum of three days. This allows the wood to expand and contract based on the humidity levels and normal temperature of the room.

Immediate Installation Can Cause Problems Down the Road

If the wood is not allowed time to acclimate to the environment prior to installation the boards can shrink or expand. When this happens, the result is often cupping or buckling. This can leave the floor looking less than perfect.

By allowing the wood to acclimate prior to her hardwood flooring installation, this homeowner in Nashua can prevent any problems down the road and be sure that her hardwood floor will look perfect for many years to come.

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