Going Green With Carpeting

‘Going Green’ is here to stay.  The latest green trend is with homes and office buildings.  You have probably heard the term low-VOC or VOC free, but do you really understand what this means?  VOCs are volatile organic compounds.  They are commonly found in paint, but can also be found in carpeting.  Products containing VOCs release gases in the air that are proven to cause adverse health effects, from headaches and dizziness to nausea and respiratory infections.

Particularly with carpeting that gives off a strong odor, you can assume that VOCs are being released into the air that you breathe.  Installing low-VOC or eco-friendly carpet is the answer to preventing these health issues and preserving your indoor air quality. 

Low-VOC carpet is manufactured with less chemicals than conventional carpeting.  When looking for a low-VOC and eco-friendly carpet, you should seek out the ‘Green Label Plus’.  This label is developed by The Carpet and Rug Institute in an effort to create a higher standard for indoor air quality among carpet manufacturers.

If you are looking for a greener overall carpet installation there are now 100% recycled options to consider for the padding.  Many carpet paddings contain plastic made from petroleum, which is unrenewable.  Recycled padding is typically made from reused cotton padding.

The installation of your carpet is just as important as the carpet itself in selecting a more eco-friendly option.  Many carpet installations involve attaching the carpet using chemical-based glues, which have also been linked with various health concerns.  A healthier alternative is to tack the carpet in place, which eliminates any potentially hazardous chemicals from being released in the air.

There are many options to choose from when selecting your ‘green’ carpet and installation process.  This healthier selection of carpeting for your family and the environment may be the right choice for you.

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