Goffstown Homeowner Looks for Tips for Keeping Area Rugs from Sliding

Area-RugArea rugs are great for adding a warm, cozy accent to a room. These floor coverings can also move around and slide causing a fall risk, unless proper precautions are taken as one Goffstown homeowner discovered.

Proper Padding Keeps Area Rugs from Sliding

With kids running in and out of the house, this homeowner’s area rug would never stay in place and she was concerned about one of them falling as they ran across it. While she loved her hardwood floors, she was ready to put in carpet to prevent an accident from occurring.

Upon contacting Cardoza Flooring, we asked her about her rug pad. These non-stick, grippy pads can go a long way to keeping an area rug from sliding. They also offer the added benefit of a little extra cushion for the feet. A rug pad will not only keep the rug in place, but it will also ensure that the area rug stays smooth and wrinkle-free over time.

There are a variety of rug pads available, from the thrifty waffle or rubble pad that you can purchase at a local department store to specialty grippy pads only offered at specialty flooring stores.

Do It Yourself Options for No Slide Area Rugs

An option for the do it yourselfer is to use hot glue or caulk on the underside of the rug. Place strips of caulk or hot glue at regular intervals of about six inches on the bottom side of the rug. Of course, be sure the glue or caulk is completely dry before flipping it over to prevent any damage to your flooring.

In the case of this Goffstown homeowner, we were able to find a quality rug pad that would prevent this sliding, while offering the added bonus of an extra layer of comfort to the area rug.