Floor Stripper Rental


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Rent a Professional Floor Stripper

A very labor and time-intensive job, stripping a floor requires the right tools to get the job done.  A professional floor stripper can not only ensure that it is done correctly, but it can also save you time.  Cardoza Flooring’s industrial floor stripper, OPTIMUM #260B.HL, is the perfect tool for getting this work accomplished.

Available for rent through Cardoza Flooring, the OPTIMUM is an industrial floor stripper which can be used for both residential and commercial jobs.  This floor stripper is a true powerhouse, that will get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Battery Operated and Cord-Powered, the OPTIMUM Offers the Best of Both Worlds

This floor stripper, which is battery operated or can be powered with a 110V cord, has up to double the removal rate of other battery machines.  The OPTIMUM is able to handle up to 15,000 square feet per battery charge, saving you time.  The machine features an efficient motor that utilizes less battery overall, while still offering the same powerhouse results.  The battery will typically extend well beyond one shift, allowing your team ideal operating speeds and removal rates. 

In addition, the OPTIMUM has a hybrid mode between battery and cord that allows this to be maximized even further.  The ability to operate using both battery and cord-power make the OPTIMUM a convenient way to complete a large job.

Fast Charging, Allows for Even More Efficiency

As if the added battery life weren’t already enough, the OPTIMUM charges 50% faster than other floor strippers.  The unit’s on-board charger is able to deliver even more power from the same power source to reduce charging time.  

OPTIMUM Floor Stripper Available for Rent for the Day or Week

Cardoza Flooring is offering rental opportunities for the OPTIMUM floor stripper.  This unit can be rented by the day or an extended period of time for much larger jobs.  The OPTIMUM far out-performs other floor strippers on the market.  This, combined with the ability to rent the unit for the time necessary to complete the job, makes this the most cost-effective way to strip floors.

For more information about renting the OPTIMUM floor stripper contact Cardoza Flooring at 603-673-2201.

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