Choose an Area Rug to Add Accent to Any Room

choosing an area rug

A Nashua, NH homeowner was recently looking for a way to add a “wow factor” to a sitting room in her home, without the commitment of painting the walls. A visit to Cardoza Flooring’s Milford showroom and she knew exactly what the answer was, an area rug. The hardest decision was choosing which rug would best fit her family’s personality and the space.

Area rugs are a great way to add design and flair to any room, without the permanency of wall to wall carpeting. Because they only cover a section of the room, homeowners are freer to play with funky colors and textures, but also with the option to stick with a neutral design.

What was once a limited selection of Persian rugs or classic European styles has expanded greatly to today’s seemingly endless array of area rugs to choose from.

Area Rug Color, Pattern and Size to Consider

The advice we offered this Nashua homeowner was to first choose the color and then the rug pattern that would suit her room. For many rooms an area rug becomes the focal point, setting the tone and feel of the room. The first consideration is whether you are looking for a flashy, louder rug or something subtler in a neutral color.

The rug pattern offers just as many options to choose from as the color. From solid to patterned area rugs, the pattern you choose will also play a role in setting the tone for the room.

Finally, when choosing the rug size, you want to be sure that the rug is neither too small or too large for the room. For an average-sized room a good rule of thumb is 10” – 20” of bare floor from the rug to the edges of the wall. This number can go as low as 8” or as high as 24”.

Ultimately the Nashua customer found the perfect area rug for her, finding the Cardoza Flooring showroom selection and staff a tremendous help in making her decision.