Carpet Padding Does Matter! Find Out Why

You have probably walked on carpet that just feels good and comfortable on your feet, even with shoes on. This may not necessarily be because of the carpet itself, but the padding that is hidden underneath. One of the main roles of carpet padding is to absorb the impact walking on the carpet can cause over time by cushioning the blow.  This prevents the carpet from being damaged and deteriorating over time.

Carpet padding is a standard in residences, but not all padding is created equal. Just like the carpet itself, there are many types to choose from.  Most homes have a carpet pad that is 7/16” thick. If it is comfort that you are looking for, don’t make the “bigger is better” mistake when choosing your carpet padding. Exceeding the standard 7/16” thickness in your residence can lead to a padding that is too thick and cause wrinkles in the carpet.

If you want a padding with a little more cushion and comfort than is typically seen, you will want to consider the pads density rating. The higher the density rating of a carpet, the more firm it will feel. Firmer pads provide better carpet support, and prevent any concern over future wrinkling. Of course, the higher the density the cost will increase as well.

Apartment buildings and other carpeted areas that see frequent replacement typically have a density rating of 3 to 5 pounds. Residential carpeting is usually a density rating between 6 and 8 pounds. If you are looking for something a little softer in your home, you may want to try an 8 pound density.

Most residential carpet padding today is rebond pad, which is made from recycled materials. While perfectly acceptable, if you are looking for a higher quality padding, you may have to look beyond rebond. Other options include foam padding, prime urethane foam, wool or fiber pad, and rubber pads. 

If you opt for a pad like rebond, that is made from recycled materials, keep in mind that the higher the quality of recycled materials used, the better the pad.

Take the time to consider the carpet padding now and your feet will thank you for years down the road.