Overwhelmed by Carpet Color Choices like this Nashua Homeowner?

Nashua Carpet Color Selections

A Nashua NH homeowner recently visited our Milford showroom looking for new carpet for her upstairs bedroom. She came in unsure of what carpet color she would choose. This homeowner quickly discovered that the choices for color are as plentiful as the rainbow.

Deciding on a Carpet Color – What to Consider

With so many choices, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting your carpet color. After you have decided on the carpet style, fiber type, and quality you can often feel like your head is spinning, only to also have to make the very important color decision.

To narrow down your options you should consider what room you are carpeting, is there existing furniture that needs to be taken into consideration? Are you open to painting the walls, or does the carpet also need to pair well with the wall color? Typically, neutral colors are a safe bet and are the most likely to match the rest of the room. While great for a smaller room, bright carpet colors in a large area can be overwhelming, becoming the focal point of the entire room.

Popular color choices in carpeting include warm greys and beige shades. You can make these neutral choices more interesting by adding patterns and texture through the carpet style. The more earth-tone neutral colors are better for hiding dirt and stains. This is particularly important in homes with young children or pets.

When choosing a carpeting color, the best tool to aid your decision is to take a look at samples. Seeing the color in person can make all of the difference, and you may be surprised just how easy the decision can be when you find that “right color”, just as this Nashua homeowner found.

Cardoza Flooring’s showroom in Milford features a variety of carpet samples for you to find that perfect color.