What is the Best Carpet for Homes with Pets?


An Amherst, NH homeowner recently stopped by our showroom.

She was frustrated because her geriatric dog was having bladder problems, which had subsequently destroyed her carpets. This customer wanted to replace the carpets, but was leery of doing so only to have it happen again.

As with any spill or stain on the carpet, the key is to get it up as quickly as possible using a cleaner designed for carpeting. Unfortunately, in the cases of pet accidents many times they can go for an extended period of time without the homeowner realizing it.

Carpet Selection Matters for Pet Accidents

There are carpets that are more durable and can withstand the abuse from a pet. Wood and nylon carpets are two of the most durable options, and a great choice for pet owners. Those with accident-prone pets will want to avoid rugs with glued-on backs. The urine can soak through the glue, causing a lasting odor that is difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate.

You may want to consider opting for area rugs for the room that your pet has the most accidents in, as opposed to wall-to-wall carpeting. These area rugs can eventually be rolled up and taken to the cleaners, making it easier to address messes. Area rugs are also less expensive to replace if necessary.

The homeowner in Amherst opted to replace the carpeting in her living room, the area of the home where her dog spent most of his time, with several area rugs. She also placed padding underneath the rugs to protect the hardwood floor underneath. While it hasn’t prevented the accidents, it has made the cleanup easier and eliminated odors in the home.