What are the Finish Options and Sizes for Area Rugs?

Amherst, NH Homeowner Asks

Area-RugArea rug finishing refers to the way the carpet is cut and bound to keep it from fraying at the cut edges. Rug binding is one of the most popular choices, when the edges are taped using special binding tape and are sewn using industrial sewing machines. Serging is when the carpet looks hand-sewn, but is in fact done by a machine. Fringing is when the carpet is wrapped continuously with yarn, giving it tassels along the edges.

A homeowner in Amherst stopped by the Cardoza Flooring showroom looking for an area rug for her living room. She was amazed to see the many styles and finishes to choose from.

Custom Size Area Rugs at Your Fingertips

At Cardoza Flooring we are able to cut area rugs to the exact size that you are looking for. This can go a long way to helping a homeowner to achieve that perfect look for any room. Whether looking for a large rug to cover almost the entire area or a smaller, accent rug, sizing is not a concern.

Rug Binding Creates that Finished Look

After cutting the area rug to fit a homeowner’s size requirements, the rug needs to have the edges finished. This process keeps the cut area from fraying. One of the most common and economical options for this is binding. The rug is secured in place at the edges by special binding tape and stitches.
At Cardoza Flooring, we have a team member on site that is trained in binding area rugs. This greatly reduces the turn-around time for custom size area rugs.

The homeowner in Amherst was pleased to hear that her area rug could be cut and bound on-site to her exact specifications and she now has the living room design that she had envisioned.