The Effects of DIY Carpet Cleaning, Brookline, NH Family Finds Out

CarpetDeep carpet cleaning, done by a professional, is necessary to keep your carpets looking fresh and long lasting. Surface cleaning at home through vacuuming, while necessary, is only part of the process. Carpets should be treated to a professional deep clean once every eighteen months.

The carpets in a home in Brookline, NH were looking worn beyond their years. After speaking with the family about the carpet care, we were able to deduce that the cause was improper cleaning of the carpets done by the homeowner.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Cleaning Solution Matter

The family was cleaning their carpets themselves with a steam cleaner every six months. However, the equipment just wasn’t doing the trick. For that deep clean, there must be a combination of heated cleaning solution, scrubbing action and extraction of the water and cleaning solution. This requires professional equipment to achieve a truly deep down and effective cleaning that can prolong the life of your carpets.

It is also important that you are using the proper cleaning solution on the carpet. The cleaner should not leave a soapy residue and must have a safe pH level. Many of the retail cleaners on the market today use a lot of soap. While these will clean the carpet, they leave behind a residue. This residue can cause the carpet fibers to hold dirt, not to mention causing skin irritations from the cleaning residue.

The family in Brookline learned that while regular vacuuming is important for their carpets, the deep clean is best left to the professionals. The family is now having their home’s carpets professionally cleaned every eighteen months. This will ensure that the carpets are clean, looking good, and can extend the carpet’s life.