Squeaky Floor Drives Nashua, NH Homeowners to Look for Options

Armstrong-HardwoodThere is little more frustrating than a squeaky floorboard, particularly when it is located in the master bedroom as one Nashua family was experiencing. After countless nights with the floorboard wreaking havoc on their sleep, this husband and wife contacted Cardoza Flooring. In their desperation, they were ready to replace the entire floor but quickly learned that this wasn’t necessary.

Common Causes for Squeaky Floorboards

This is a common problem plaguing many homeowners. Frequently squeaky floorboards are caused by the wood floor rubbing against the subfloor or a surrounding plank. This squeaking, while often year round, is more noticeable in the winter when the air is dry. It could also be caused by nails in the floorboard moving.

Eliminating the Squeak from Your Hardwood Floor

One of the easiest solutions is to lubricate the floor. Add talcum powder or powdered graphite between the boards, placing a cloth over them and then walking across the floor to ensure that the powder gets into the cracks of the board. This lubrication will reduce the squeaking caused by the planks rubbing against one another.

Drilling finishing nails through the floor and subfloor can also make a big difference, further fixing the planks into place. When using a drill, be sure to angle it so that you do not reach the subfloor, which can prevent the nail from holding. After the pre-drilling of the floor, apply downward pressure while driving the finishing nail into the hole.

The Nashua homeowners found relief from adding talcum powder to the board cracks and now they are both enjoying a more restful night’s sleep, no matter what the other’s schedule.