Merrimack Family Discovers a New Englander’s Dream, Heated Floors

Floor Installers in Milford NHIt may be hard to think about now, but the cold months of winter are right around the corner. As beautiful as their hardwood flooring was one family in Merrimack, NH constantly struggled with “cold feet syndrome” in the wintertime. Area rugs do a great job of warming up the floor, but this family has been hesitant to cover up the hardwood floors that they are so proud of.

Radiant Floor Flooring – An Investment in Your Family’s Comfort

Each year we get asked by many families struggling with this same dilemma about heated flooring. There are two options for radiant floor heating systems, electric and water-based. Both systems do a great job of heating the floor, and subsequent room, to a consistent, warm temperature. Electric underfloor heating warms the area through wires beneath the flooring that generate heat. Water-based systems run hot water through pipes to warm the floor and the surrounding area.

The price tag for both systems can be a hefty one, but with virtually no maintenance and a 30 year lifespan you can certainly get a lot of comfort out of your investment. Underfloor heating works with most flooring options, including laminate, wood, tile, stone and carpet.

Remodeling? Consider Radiant Floor Heating to Eliminate Radiators

One of the best times to install radiant floor heating in a room is during a remodeling project when the floor is being lifted and changed anyway. This is particularly a popular option for the bathroom. Radiant floor heating eliminates the need for radiators, freeing up space and getting rid of the sharp edges that can pose a problem for young children.

Not quite ready to replace their beautiful hardwood flooring, the family in Merrimack decided against installing radiant flooring in their home’s downstairs. But with an upcoming bathroom remodeling project planned for the spring, they do plan on adding this heating option to their new bathroom floor.