The Solution to Your Home’s Humidity Problems May Be in the Carpet

Wool Carpet Cardoza FlooringA homeowner in Bedford, NH was browsing for new flooring for her master bedroom. She loved the look and feel of carpet. As she was looking at the samples in our showroom, she mentioned how dry the air in her home is in the winter, despite running a humidifier in the bedroom. You can imagine the surprise on her face when we explained to her that the type of carpet that she chooses can actually help dramatically with that problem.

Wool Carpet Can Balance Your Home’s Humidity Levels

In New England, winter in particular can be a struggle for homeowners trying to find that perfect balance of humidity levels. Wool is a highly absorbent material, which can actually work in your favor in the home. When the humidity levels in the air are high, the wool carpet will absorb some of that moisture, reducing the humidity in the air. Conversely, when the air is drier the wool carpet then releases some of that humidity.

While wool may not be the best choice for areas that see a high level of moisture such as the bathroom or a damp basement, used bedrooms it can go a long way to improving your home’s humidity levels.

This Bedford homeowner came in for carpet, but she left with that and a solution for her home’s dry winter air. She is shocked at the difference in the humidity level of her bedroom, making it more comfortable year round, and the humidifier has been stored in a closet.