How to Remove Scratches from Wood Floors, Nashua Homeowner Seeks Help

Nashua, NH Homeowner asks: How can we remove scratches from wood floors?

Water Stains on HardwoodTo remove scratches from wood floors, use a fine-grain sandpaper to buff out the damage. Continue buffing the surface until the scratch is removed. You will then need to re-stain the buffed area. Depending on the severity of the scratch, there are also many commercial products on the market for polishing and cleaning floors that can make scratches less noticeable.

A homeowner in Nashua, NH recently contacted Cardoza Flooring. She had scratched her hardwood floor moving furniture and was looking for a solution.

Cleaning Can Minimize Scratches

Hardwood floors that have lost their sheen show scratches and gouges much more prominently. To get the floor looking its best, in spite of scratches, do a gentle cleaning using a soft mop and liquid soap. You can then spray the floor with fresh water and buff it dry with a soft cloth. This process may reduce the visibility of scratches, making the damage easier to live with.

For Deeper Scratches, Sand, Buff and Stain

Even a clean, shiny floor won’t hide those deep scratches. Instead use a fine-grain sandpaper to gently buff out the damage, sanding in the direction of the wood grain. While this will remove the scratch as you buff it out, it will also remove the wood stain. Once the scratch is out, you will need to find a stain that matches the existing wood floor. Find a hidden area of the floor, such as in a closet or under the bed, to conduct a patch test using wood stain. Wait until the stain dries completely before making a decision, as often the color will change through the drying process.

The family in Nashua had a deeper scratch which needed to be sanded and buffed out. After some patience, they were able to find the right wood stain so that the area blends in with the rest of the floor.

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