For Hardwood Flooring, the Options Are Endless

Matching Hardwood FlooringHardwood flooring can be a stunning addition to any home and, as one Brookline, NH homeowner just discovered, the choices are abundant. The look and feel of your room can ultimately be decided by what type of hardwood flooring you choose, from the rustic look of distressed planks to the ever popular red oak. The possibilities truly are endless

Know Your Hardwood Flooring Options

For the homeowner that is seeking a more rustic look, ideal for that cabin-like feel, distressed wide planks are a great option. These are becoming more popular because of the variety of wood types they are available in, and many like the look of fewer seams in the flooring.

If the look that you are aiming for is more historic and luxurious, reclaimed pine just may be the answer. This eco-friendly flooring often comes from historical buildings, bringing that old-style feel to your home.

Some homeowners prefer a more modern look for their hardwood flooring. Red oak is a classic that you find in many homes today. It is versatile and can fit with a variety of different styles. Red oak is also durable, making it a great option for high-traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms.

There are also many choices for darker hardwood flooring, including oak, cherry and walnut. These flooring options create a sleeker look that can be paired with a neutral or contemporary design.

With some guidance sorting through the options available, the Brookline homeowner opted for a red oak for the downstairs level of her home. The finished product looks great and will ultimately withstand the test of time.