License and Insurance for the Flooring Company You Choose Does Matter

A Litchfield, NH homeowner learned the hard way that not only are all flooring companies not created equal, but that it is critical to only hire a licensed and insured company to install flooring. This homeowner went with a low-end, budget contractor to purchase and install his home’s new hardwood flooring for the entire downstairs. The company had no physical location or showroom, a common red flag among the flooring industry. But he was swayed by the exceptionally low price.

Flooring Install Turns to One Big Un-Insured Mess

When the installers arrived everything that could go wrong did, from holes and damage to the walls and doors of the home to damage done to the new floor during the installation process. It is understandable that accidents do happen to everyone sometimes. However without the proper insurance to cover these incidentals, the homeowner was left footing the bill for the damage to his home.

This left him in a bind where he could either bite the cost of the damage or pursue litigation against the flooring contractor. If the flooring contractor had the proper insurance, this would have been as simple as filing a claim and having the homeowner promptly reimbursed for the damage.

Finally the Litchfield Homeowner Gets It Right

When shopping for any contractor for your home, including flooring, it is so important that you ensure that the company is properly licensed and insured. Yu should also ask for references and spend some time following up with these. Doing your due diligence can prevent the kind of situation that this Litchfield homeowner found himself in.

Ultimately, the homeowner had the floor redone the right way working with the team at Cardoza Flooring. Our installers were able to offer the homeowner a seamless install and the result is the beautiful hardwood flooring that he had wanted from the start.